Best Golf Clubs For Beginners – Reviews

Seems like our interests can change and after a while, i decided to start playing some golf again. But i needed decent beginners golf club set, which i did not have, and i didn’t know which one to get. I searched a lot and found great reviews about best beginner golf clubs – But i didn’t have much time to read all of them, since they were so long and in depth. While i just wanted to know few quick tips about beginners golf club sets. But i didn’t have any options, so i decided to read those long reviews and some customer reviews as well. They helped a lot during the process, but i really feel like internet could use one more guide about buying best golf clubs for beginners.
So first of all, what you need to understand is, you don’t need super expensive golf sets to succeed in this sport. Some golfers think that they can buy better results, but you really can’t. Practice is way more important than the clubs you use, so get affordable starter’s golf club set first and when you feel like you’re good at it, then upgrade. There’s no point for beginner golf clubsbeginner golfers to buy expensive set of clubs. Even though those golf clubs can improve experienced golfer’s performance and results, it’s probably not going to work for everyone, especially newbies.
While starting out, i’d also recommend sticking with renowned golf club manufacturers, like Wilson or Callaway. You might find it strange, but these companies actually provide great beginners golf club sets for the price. They can afford to offer cheaper golf clubs because they can manufacture these clubs in very high quantities and therefore it’s cheaper. Usually, you can get set of decent golf clubs for less than 300$, and that’s all you need to get started. Plus, best beginners’ golf club sets usually come with golf bag, which also add ups a lot of value. But be careful, because renowned brands like Callaway sell their beginners golf sets under other brand name, in this case, Strata. I don’t know why they do that, but these clubs and golf bag have Strata written all over them. So if golf club brand is very important to you, you might want to find other sets. They might also advertise their starter golf sets as “14 piece” but you should know that that doesn’t mean set comes with actually fourteen clubs. That number includes head covers and bag as well, so if you get 14 piece golf club set, you will probably get around 8-10 clubs. Golfers association recommends using at least 14 golf clubs, so 10 clubs might be okay at first, but when you start to take golf seriously, you should switch to better golf clubs.
To sum up, you don’t need to pay a lot to get best golf clubs as a beginner. Including other accessories like shoes and gloves, you should probably have around five hundred dollars to spend. So you can started to play golf very smoothly and then, as you gain your experience, improve your clubs.

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