How to choose best golf shoes?

After using my old one for more than 5 years, i recently realized that i need new golf shoe. But how do you find best golf shoes that last long and make you feel comfortable? I started researching and discovered few things. First of all, i realized how important it is to wear perfect and comfortable golf shoes. It can basically make or break your golfing performance, so you should definitely spend some time researching and finding out which golf shoes are the best for you. First of all, you have to choose between spiked and spikeless golf shoes. The later is very recent trend, and more and more golfers are switching to spikeless golf shoes every day. They are comfortable, stylish and very useful. Personally, i think that spikeless shoes are definitely the best. Unlike the spiked golf shoes, they look just like more casual, so you can wear them anywhere, even on business meetings. If you’re busy man and don’t want to change your footwear everytime you go outside the golf course, these might be perfect for you. Practically that’s the main reason i prefer spikeless shoes

Best Golf Shoes – Prices

Now you might think that just like other golf accessories, golf shoes are also expensive. But they’re not. In fact, you can find best rated golf shoes for less than hundred dollars. Of course there are some products that cost way more than that, but i own 80$ pair of Nike golf shoes and i couldn’t be happier. Expensive golf shoes are usually worn by famous golfers, so their fans will purchase that exact model too. Don’t fall for that, and buy nice pair for less than hundred dollars, you’ll be fine. But in order to choose best golf shoes for your budget, you also need to read customer reviews. Some golf shoes might be perfect, but they might come too large or small in size. By reading the reviews written by golf shoe customers, you can read their experience and find out about the size as well.

It’s also recommended to get a pair that is waterproof and durable. If not, you might end up with pair of shoes that won’t last and might get your feet cold. On the other hand, if you like to play in summer when weather is really hot, your future golf shoes should also have breathable mesh, to keep your feet fresh and relaxed. If you find all these instructions confusing, just stick with best rated golf shoes or amazon or check out one of these shoes listed on GolfClubsGuru.


To sum up, choosing nicest golf shoes isn’t hard, you just need to know these smart tricks to figure it out.  Or you can trust other trusted reviewers like GolfClubsGuru and avoid all these headaches. But if i were you, i’d learn more about a product before purchasing one. Just remember that getting too small or too large sizes is the worst thing that can happen. So shop for golf shoes locally in retailer or be very careful while ordering from Amazon.


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